Friday, February 12, 2010

Trusting God with Relationships.

Relationships have been on my heart and mind lately and I by that I mean all types of relationships. From my relationship with God to my close friendships to my small groups and church family to the typical male/female relationships a single person of my age my be thinking about. And to tell the truth I am growing in many of the areas. Starting the New Testament Challenge at my church has drawn me closer to God every day as His history and love story is laid out chapter by chapter in the greatest book ever written (The Bible). He is stirring in my heart in ways that I never even imagined when I started the NTC 2 weeks ago, challenging me in ways that I yet don't even fully understand, but it is bring about revival in my life and I can feel Him ready to move through me out into the community I am a part of. My friendships are constantly growing. As I have said before I am blessed beyond what I even deserve with amazing girlfriends that just continue to open their hearts and exude love in every way possible. And I am growing in small groups. This summer I got involved in a young adults ministry that has opened up many new relationships and opportunities for growth not to mention the heart group I joined for the NTC. I love to fellowship with all these people, to hear their journeys in Christ and see how God is working in their individual lives. All I can say is God is good!!

Yet one are that I feel I am not moving is in the male/female relationship department. Yes, I have male friends whom I value emensly, but we all know that is not what I am talking. I am talking about being single and desiring to date and get married. And really this was not something I really gave much thought to until this past year. I was quite content with my singleness and viewed it as an opportunity to be used by God during these single years that I might not be available for down the road when I am married. To be honest though, in part, though I may have been mature enough for marriage in many ways I was just not ready for it. However, that has greatly changed. Perhaps it was the slew of friends, classmates and total strangers that got married in the year 2009 or have upcoming weddings in 2010. Or perhaps it is the fact that my 25th birthday is right around the corner and in my mind I always assumed that I would be married by this age. Or (and this is what I really think is the case) I am beginning to recognize the desire for marriage God has always had in my heart. I am a big believer that God designed us for relationship; with Him, with others, and as man and wife. Marriage has been an evident plan of God's since the beginning. He saw in Adam that it was not good for Adam to be alone (Genesis 2:18) and then created a helper suitable for him (Genesis 2:18). And so I believe in this plan for my life, though some days it does not make the wait any easier.

It begs the question then what am I to do whilst I wait. Let me tell you it has been the focal point of some intense conversations I have been having with God lately. I am open and honest, pouring out my heart and my thoughts to God on the subject at hand. And admittedly there are some days that I feel as though I am talking to the ceiling and like what I am professing is not being heard at all. So comes more waiting; waiting for an answer to my prayers, waiting to see where God is going to lead. And today that is why I write because in a way I have an answer to a prayer. No, I have not magically found a man and been remedied of my singleness, but I have found some answers to what I should as I am waiting for him. As you may know I am an avid reader of the Boundless blog and webzine and I love so much of the advice that they offer singles who are in the same boat am I. Today as I scanned the daily blogs I came across a series written several years ago by one of the contributing authors and it was literally like having my personal prayer answered. All the things that I had for so long wondered about and asked God about were right there in this series of articles. Hallelujah!! I just love when God answers prayers in ways that are tangible and don't leave me scratching my head wondering what that possibly could mean. So now rather then try to sum up all the information that I myself am still trying to absorb I will point you in the direction of these articles. Maybe you think that they will have nothing to offer you or maybe for you it can be an answer to a prayer like it was for me. Either way I encourage you to just check it out, it may surprise you.

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